Project Avreichim

A  Community and its institutions share a symbiotic relationship. When one thrives, the other benefits and vice versa. In this vein, YTC has joined Congregation Zera Avraham in spearheading Project Avreichim, whose goal is to encourage a fiscally sound community. Project Avreichim members are an intrinsic part of the West Side, contributing to the vibrancy of Jewish communal life and enhanced Shul presence.  In addition, their scholarship, skills and ability enhance YTC’s morning learning Chabura program. They provide energetic engagement with the students of the High School and Beis Medrash, while simultaneously serving as role models. In addition, they deliver chaburos, to the talmidim and for each other to stimulate higher forms of pilpul and havana. Each Avreich is enrolled in afternoon or evening coursework or vocational training which will lead to immediate gainful employment after two years.  YTC and Congregation Zera Avraham provide a joint modest stipend for this two year period. The families commit to remain within the community for an additional two years.
“ This project is a monumental and meaningful one,” commented Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg, Rav of Congregation Zera Avraham, “it expresses a joint vision of a bright future for the West Denver Kehilla, as well as enhances the existing structure of advanced learning taking place at the Yeshiva. I commend R’ Ahron Yisroel Wasserman and R’ Aaron Baruch Kagan for their broad thinking and leadership.”
“When I observe the Avreichim learn,” said one YTC talmid, “I am inspired to model their love of learning. When they interact with me, I realize that being a Ben Torah means being a mentsch.”
As part of Project Avreichim, we have been privileged to welcome and benefit from the new presence of:

R’ Yitzi and Mrs. Shani Hershkowitz


R’i Shlomo and Mrs. Tzivi Kurtz,

and R’ Binyomin and Mrs. Tova Seligman and their families.


R’ Shlomo and R’ Binyomin are both enrolled in accountant certification coursework and testing, and R’ Yitzi is studying to become an Occupational Therapist. The Project Avreichim families have already contributed significantly to the Educational, Chessed and social structure of the West Side Community. They are each fine, ambitious and positive thinking families whose darling children are an added bonus to the younger social mass of the community, contributing to greater registration at local mosdos. It’s a win- win all around!

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