2019 – Yissochur-Zevulun Partnership Event

On Thursday, June 13, Yeshiva Toras Chaim held its annual Yissochur-Zevulun Partnership Event. The event took place at the home of Dr. Effie and Simmy Sonstein. The evening began at 6:00pm with a delicious buffet dinner, and attendees enjoyed the Sonsteins’ backyard as well as the beautiful weather. The event was a true opportunity for everyone to catch up and connect, as was evident by the camaraderie and banter. At 7:15pm, the program commenced inside the Sonstein home, and all present gathered to focus on the goal of the evening. Rabbi Ahron Boruch Kagan addressed those present first, and he expounded on the topic of Achdus, and unity, which was on true display that evening. A brief video was then played, which highlighted the Yeshiva’s vital work and the tremendous impact those who support the Yeshiva have for eternity. Rabbi Ahron Yisroel Wasserman then presented Yeshiva’s Netzach Society Legacy partners with a personalized glass globe, as a token of appreciation for their commitment to Yeshiva’s continuity. On the globe was etched the pasuk:, “אלו דברים שאדם אוכל פירותיהם בעולם הזה והקרן קימת לו לעולם הבא… ותלמוד תורה כנגד כולם”

-stressing the impact that a legacy partnership will have for generations to come. The pasuk was followed by the words “Building worlds for eternity”. The Rosh Hayeshiva Rav Yitzchok Wasserman then introduced the guest alumnus speaker, Dr. Ethan Dubin. Dr. Dubin spoke about his 5 years in Yeshiva, beginning in 1972. He described, in humorous detail, how coming from a small day school in Dallas, Texas, he was not so familiar with the Yeshiva world, and yet the Rebbeim and Roshei Yeshiva were accepting and warm. He also expounded on the hanhala’s ability to connect to each student on their level. Dr. Dubin also passed around some funny and sentimental items from his yeshiva years. Following his speech, Rabbi Ahron Y. Wasserman appealed to those present to consider making a gift to the Yissochor-Zevulun scholarship fund, thereby enabling every student to have the opportunity of Yeshiva’s education and experience. A match was subsequently announced in the room, where an anonymous donor would double any donation repeated from last year and triple any new gifts. Several attendees announced new pledges in the room, and the atmosphere was one of excitement and positive energy. The evening closed out with desert, and all those who attended went home with a renewed appreciation for Yeshiva’s important mission, the Rebbeim’s tireless efforts, and a strong sense of unity and community.


2019 -Yissochur-Zevulun

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