Vaad Project


Some people enjoy exploring new sites, different people and distant lands. Others prefer revisiting a place, discovering and unfolding new layers of seemingly familiar territory. Rabbi Levi Lebovits, director of the Vaad, serves as a tour guide of sorts. He leads discourses and discussions in a small group setting, navigating through and adding meaning and depth to familiar topics in Yiddishkeit.


“The Vaad Project is a unique educational program focused on providing individuals with the tools to successfully integrate Torah ideals into everyday life,” says R’ Lebovits.” Participants are empowered to explore renewed vigor and excitement in familiar Torah concepts. I especially take pleasure in the unique opportunity to connect to each individual attending the vaadim. As we become aware of the significance of each Mitzva, Middah or theme, we simultaneously become re-invigorated in our service to the Ribbono Shel Olam. We grow in tandem as a group, while evolving individually within, as well.”


Rabbi Lebovits joined the Yeshiva Staff, in September of 2011, as Community Liaison. Shortly thereafter, he began leading the Vaad. Since its inception in early 2013, the Vaad Project has initiated numerous Vaad groups throughout Denver. Several Vaadim are given bi-monthly with topics ranging from Patience to Blessings to Shabbos and the High Holidays. Rabbi Lebovits’s pleasant demeanor, sincerity and scholarship endear him to his Vaad members, over 50 strong and growing!


The Vaad Project is yet another testament to Yeshiva Toras Chaim’s unwavering commitment to raise the level of Limud v’kiyum haTorah in the city of Denver, one person at a time.

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