Merkaz Torah V’Chesed


In 2008, Yeshiva Toras Chaim partnered with local community members to meet the need for a full service beis medrash on Denver’s East Side. As a result of this vision, Merkaz Torah V’Chesed was founded as a Yeshiva affiliate, bringing an authentic yeshiva experience to the East Denver community.


Starting off with just a handful of regular participants, Merkaz has seen its numbers swell to nearly 80 unique visitors on a weekly basis, most of whom return several times a week. Merkaz currently offers a full schedule of classes and shiurim on a wide variety of topics, along with a genuine beis medrash atmosphere conducive to chavrusa and small-group study Sunday through Thursday nights.


Merkaz programming has recently grown to include a learning seder and Shacharis minyan Sunday through Friday mornings.


Merkaz encourages community participation by providing a comprehensive chavrusa match-up system, with classes and group-learning sessions for all levels.


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