2019 – Alumni Dinner

Yeshiva Toras Chaim’s Annual Alumni Tribute Dinner took place on Wednesday night June 5, at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn NY. The event’s honorees were Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Rosenberg as Parents Of The Year, Rabbi and Mrs. Avraham Yitzchok Yaged as recipients of the Harbotzas Torah Award, Mr. and Mrs. Avi Heisler as Alumnus Of The Year, and Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Balakhani as recipients of the Young Leadership Award.
This year’s dinner also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the graduation class of 1994.

The dinner was a truly beautiful event, as alumni and friends of the Yeshiva gathered to pay tribute and show support to Yeshiva Toras Chaim. The atmosphere was one of relaxed camaraderie and friendship, a refrain heard repeatedly by many of the attendees. Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Yisroel Meir Kagan welcomed and addressed crowd, followed by a brief presentation about the Yeshiva. The honorees were presented with beautiful pictures of Gedolim, and Yeshiva’s Menahel Rabbi Naftoli Seidenfeld then spoke, emphasizing how Yeshiva works hard to create an atmosphere of both chinuch as well as simcha, a necessary combination for bachurim in this generation.

Thank you to all those who participated in and supported the event!


Alumni Dinner 2019

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