Alumni Weekend of Majesty

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Yaakov Davis
Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Deutsch
Dr. and Dr. Ethan Dubin
SM Travis
Rabbi Elchonan Meister
Mr. Yitzy Weiss
Mr. Yossi Pilchick
Mr. Avrami Rosenthal
Mr. Nachi Ward
Rabbi Moshe Zussman
Rabbi and Mrs. Yehuda Lefkowitz
Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Kahan
Rabbi and Mrs. Nosson Hofman
Mr. Dovid Hofman
Rabbi Shimshi Bandman
Rabbi Moshe Dovid Goldberg
Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Gruman
Mr. and Mrs. Fishel Hirth
Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Zeiler
Rabbi and Mrs. Yehuda Harbater

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